Cosmetic Ear Surgery

by: Sonia Mason

If you are bothered with your ears that too large or too small for your face, asymmetrical, disfigured, protruding or drooping because of genetics or injury, you may want to check out cosmetic ear surgery.Cosmetic ear surgery improves the position, proportion or shape of your ears. It basically corrects an ear's structural defect that is inborn or caused by an injury. It is strictly performed by a licensed and experienced plastic surgeon, usually lasts for two hours and costs from $2000 to $5000, depending on the surgeon's experience and place, and surgery's extent.

Most people visit cosmetic surgeons when they have ear issues to have them improved by an expert cosmetic surgeon aiming to deliver not only high quality service but also genuine care. Surgeons also utilize the most advanced medical technologies, so you are assured that you will get the results that you want.The surgery starts with a consultation where you and your surgeon will discuss your concerns about your ears, your medical history, the method that suits you, the possible side effects and the preparation rituals.On the day of the surgery, you will be under a general anesthesia to make you unconscious throughout the process.

The surgeon will then make a cut at the back of your ear. From there, he will remove any excess cartilage or skin.Next, the surgeon will mold your ear according to your concern or goal. He will then use permanent sutures to put your ears back in position until it is completely healed. Healing usually lasts for six weeks.Using a trusted and licensed cosmetic surgeon will help ensure you that their cosmetic ear surgery is safe with little to no risks at all. However, side effects are still possible. You may experience mild itching, pain or numbness that can be relieved by medications and lasts for only a short time.The surgery also promises natural-looking results with minimal scarring and healing time. But most importantly, it aims to uplift your self-esteem as it will help you end the days of teasing and discrimination because of your ear shape or size.You may undergo a cosmetic ear surgery if you are:Healthy and free from life-threatening disease or untreated chronic ear infections that may slow down healing.Five years old and above, or when your cartilage is solid and stable enough for correction.Cooperative, can communicate well regarding pain and discomfort, and have the right motives for undergoing the surgery.