Facial Liposuction - The Costs, Risks, And An Alternative Solution

by: Tedd Woods

Facial liposuction, fat removal from the lower face of the structure, improve facial appearance. Although the human body is starting to look better with diet and exercise, losing weight does not always affect the face. To remove the bulges along each side of the face and under the chin, liposuction can be performed.

The surgery can last for more than three hours, depending on the amount of fat to be removed. General or local anesthesia used for sedate the patient, and then more dilute anesthetic is injected into the skin, along with some of the enzymes that will break down fat. Decision to the surgeon's face to swell and to provide more opportunities to insert the pump tube called a cannula is inserted between the skin and underlying tissue. The surgeon uses the cutting, move the cannula moves back and forth under the skin and suck the fat tissue. This proposal friction heats up the tube, and an experienced surgeon to take a short break every so often, it is also cool.

Depending on the required work, the majority of plastic surgeons agree that the facial and neck liposuction liposuction average cost of $ 2000 and $ 5000. Patients should be warned that going after the surgeons who charge less, because in many cases, these doctors lack experience or expertise to get the job done correctly. Patients who said they were dissatisfied with the surgery usually the ones who paid $ 700 to $ 1,000 for the procedure. Their complaints ranged through the whole process of going through unbearable pain, gain after the surgery, due to fluid retention, liver and heart damage. Some patients suffer from psychological problems, the rehabilitation period, while others say that the operation failed. Several cases of skin necrosis have been reported in which the skin has died and sloughed, operated on the area. Other patients described to seroma, which is under the skin yellow Puss pockets. Friction burning incident also happened because of inexperienced surgeons did not know that the tube had to get too hot.

Most reputable surgeons recommend aggressive facial liposuction because fat cannula drinkers tend to show the damage, because the procedure can be carried deep enough under the skin of the face, to hide it. Scars and bruises as easily from under the thin skin. If the light liposuction to achieve the desired result, the patient is thinking about how oral fat pad incision. Here, under the cheek fat is surgically scraped off and the skin is repaired invisibly.

Liposuction, which is still being studied, a relatively new approach - the use of ultrasound technology. The measure is applied externally in a manner to effectively reduce the risk of infections as seroma and skin necrosis. And since this method involves a larger area than the thin cannula tube, not in the skin lesions are evident. The results of several research so far has been positive, and developing technologies, scientists are optimistic about it until now.

Only practical alternative to surgery is now the use of facial exercises. These facial exercises have been used for decades, many celebrities, models and regular people like me and you. There are those who argue that certain facial creams can have a positive impact. However, these creams work only on the surface, and the results are not as readily apparent. In most cases, the patient may not realize that the cream does not work until after a long period. Then, the patient must patiently go to another brand and wait for the results, or lack thereof, to show.

One other non-surgical alternative is to use a shapewear garment. Although many doctors rave about the success of shapewear garments are designed to be worn on other parts of the body. Unless someone can come up with a garment that can be worn on your face every day, it will not stop people from your face to get liposuction.