Shedding Light on Lip Augmentation

by: Robin Cooper

Lip augmentation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can increase the fullness of the lips. A few simple injections of a substance into the lips, and your lips become more plump. The procedure is associated with celebrities and those trying to maintain an alluring pout, and can appear fake or overly puffy if done incorrectly. However, an experienced cosmetic surgeon who understands the art of balancing facial features can make lip augmentation appear natural. If you are contemplating lip augmentation charlotte, here are some facts to understand before undergoing the procedure.

The Different Types of Lip Injectables

Your Charlotte lip augmentation specialist likely has a few different types of substances that can be used to create fuller lips. These are natural or biosynthetic compatible materials, which very closely resemble substances already found in the body. Your own fat, for instance, can be used as it is easily accepted and absorbed by your body. Some of the biosynthetic compatible materials include clear gels with collagen or hyaluronic acid that is similar to materials found in the body. Talk to your Charlotte cosmetic surgeon about which type of injection is best for your lip augmentation procedure.

Placement is the Key to Looking Natural

Where the physician injects the material is vital to maintaining a natural, or creating an unnatural, lip line. Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh, a cosmetic surgeon based in Charlotte, NC, was trained by pre-eminent plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Dr. Kulbersh prefers to place the injectable into the fat pads of the lips, where the fullness is often lost with age.

Duration of Effects Vary

How long the effects of lip augmentation last depend on the substance used and how your body reacts to it. Fat injections tend to be longer lasting than collagen, which last for nine to 12 weeks, though fat deposits have their own drawbacks. They can lump together or produce very little result at all.

Allergic Reactions Can Happen

It is important to understand the risks of any procedure. With lip augmentation, your Charlotte surgeon will tell you that an allergic reaction to the injectable substance is possible. If you have known allergies, alert your doctor. In addition, you can ask for a pre-treatment collagen skin test to see if you have a reaction to collagen. Discuss the risks of allergies with your physician, and learn the proper procedure for treatment should a reaction occur.

Pick a Doctor You Trust
Trusting your physician is another key component to a perfect lip augmentation charlotte. Do your homework and find a surgeon with excellent credentials, experience and skill. Additionally, make sure you like him or her, and that all the information you need to know is laid out simply, in terms you understand. The more you know before going into a cosmetic procedure, the higher your chances of loving your result.